Monday, November 18, 2013

Weekend Pinterest Round up!

I have quite a few DIY projects in the works, but nothing to show for it at this point. So instead of not writing anything I thought that I would share with you all my top Pinterest picks for the Thanksgiving Holiday season:

For those of your who would like to keep your Thanksgiving Decor to a minimum then this blog is for you. She even provides the links to the templates for this particular look. Check out Tice's Tidbits for more details. 

This is for the parents with kids out there. A great project that your little ones can enjoy. Unfortunately there weren't any instructions listed, but the image makes it very easy to understand!

This website provides a list of festive DIY decorating ideas for your Thanksgiving get together. All of them are very simple and straight forward ways to add some Thanksgiving flair to your dinner table. 

As a new Mom I'm really thankful for my first Thanksgiving with my little girl and my Husband. I have a few friends that have older children who want to be helpers. Here are some projects specifically made for them to help decorate the home. 

Well that's my list of home decor projects. I hope that you all will use them and enjoy them this coming holiday. If you are interested in other things that I've pinned, then please click the follow me link on this page. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!