Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I'm in the Houzz

Also Titled 5 6 Reasons Why Houzz Will Solve All Your Home Decorating Needs

When I tell people about Houzz I get a "what are you talking about" look. They think that Houzz is just about a bunch of million dollar homes and of products that would surpass any mortal budge. To all of that I say WRONG!! Let me enlighten you about the joys of Houzz.com.

1. There are loads of pictures for your inspiration.

                                      Contemporary Kitchen by Houston Architects & Designers 2Scale Architects

                                    Contemporary Dining Room by Markham Furniture & Accessories Woodcraft Furniture

I thought that I would start with the most obvious reason people visit Houzz. The inspirational rooms are breath taking! But did you know that regular members (many of whom are not interior designers) post pictures of rooms in their homes as well? Just because you didn't higher some world renowned interior decorator doesn't mean that you can't show off the work that you have done.

2. If you see an item that you like in an inspiration picture you can find out where to buy it.

There are these nifty green tags in many of the Houzz photos that show you what the item's name is and a link to where it can be purchased. If the link is not there you can ask a question directly to the person who designed the room. Usually the person who designed the room will tell you  the name of the product where it was purchased or if it was specially made for the space.

3. All of your home shopping needs in one place.

And when I mean in one place , I mean in one place. You can shop for lighting, tile, kitchen sinks, linen, sofas, anything your heart desires can be found here. You can buy directly from the Houzz site (there is an area you can fill in your credit card and shipping information) or be directed to the website where the item may be purchased.

4. Look at reviews for any professional that you might need.


And it's all in one place, architect , interior designer , even general contractors. Just type in your zip code and there are reviews of the local professionals in your area. Many of them will also have pictures of the past work they have completed and all of their contact information. Best of all it's free! Angie's List has something similar ,but it will cost you some money.

5. The discussions section is the most over looked and the most helpful portion of the site.

I mean come on!! All of these people are giving you free advice!

Imagine a place where professionals and non professionals look at pictures of your design dilemma and not only give you tips, but walk you through every single step of the decorating process. I'm talking about posting a link to the sofa you should buy, or an interior designer drawing a mock up of your space with how you should arrange your furniture, or how best to arrange the accessories in your room.

6. Or if you are just nosey (like me) you can watch a whole room transform.

I've done it. I've read through a whole thread with over 600 comments and watch a barren room be transformed into something out of a magazine. All that with the help of professionals and every day home owners.

So that's my list. I hope that you enjoyed and will check out Houzz. If you do you should totally follow me so that we may exchange decorating ideas:


Not my usual DIY article , but I really do feel strongly about this site and believe that not everyone knows all of the features that are available. Do you have a home decorating website or forum that you believe is great? Let me know in the comments sections below this article. That's all for now!

DISCLAIMER: I do not work for Houzz  nor am I being paid by them to write this (I wish I were!). I just wanted people to know how the site can help them since many people I've spoken with didn't know all of the features of the site.