Friday, November 15, 2013

MAJOR Ikea Haul!

Today's post is all about: 

I like show off when I get good deals, especially on furniture. It's what I imagine getting high must feel like, except with out all of the criminal and social repercussions. That's why my email box is filled with Fab, Joss and Main, and One Kings Lane emails , I just can't pass up the furniture deals. Well because of this I feel like I'm starting to develop a furniture collection habit. In our house I've managed to procure at least 3 different sets of living room furniture all of which are stored in the basement. My husband sometimes gets a little miffed with me about all of my furniture buying, but in my defense all of the furniture that I have bought was super cheap! Which brings us to my current dilemma. We went into Ikea expecting to buy one sofa and some how ended up with two (more on that in a bit). This means that the sectional we bought from my sister needs to go (we just don't have the room for it in our basement).

So you are probably wondering to yourself "how did you wind up with two sofas when you only went in for one?" Let me explain, we originally went to Ikea to purchase this sofa for the living room:

I've been admiring the Kivik since it first came out at Ikea a few years ago, but decided that we weren't going to buy any furniture until we bought a house. Now that we have our house I finally get to have this glorious piece of Swedish design. Now if you are an Ikea shopper you know how big this store can be. Since we live in Baltimore the Ikea is on the smaller side compared to the other Ikeas (though it's still pretty damn big). Most people visiting Ikea start in the show room meandering through the well decorated furniture displays the contain dreams of what your living space could look like. Us , we always start in the As Is section. I love a good deal and if a good deal can be had it's in the As Is section. This brings me to how we came to buy our second sofa. It was this little beauty:

And it was priced like this:

Yes that is a 55% discount.

My husband had dreams of this sofa and how it would go nicely in our daughter's play room. I too was in love with this sofa so it was a done deal at that point.  I spoke about having a price point in mind when searching for Mid Century Modern furniture in a previous post here. The same thing can be applied to other furniture stores as well. So if I see a sectional for under $300 dollars I'm buying it end of story. In addition to our sofa purchase I also bought the Ikea Sy sewing machine that I had been researching for a while. I'm a beginner when it comes to using a sewing machines so this should be interesting. I'll write a post later to let you all know how that goes. We also bought a grey and red slip cover for the Kivik sofa (the red one was in the As Is section marked down from from $100 to $20). 

So there you have it, our Ikea haul. Not to bad for one evening's work. Now I just have to get home and start decorating and that's the fun part :)