Friday, November 22, 2013

Project and Clean up Weekend!

Our a very, very, very fine house.

Good morning Lovies (that's what I'm calling you now so get used to it)! Sorry I haven't posted in a couple of days , but if you read this and this then you know we have been getting prepared for the holidays. I don't know about you ,but if someone  told me that after a year of living in our new home we would still have boxes, still need to paint the first floor, and still need to add shelving I would..... well I probably would have told them they were right. Even when we were moving every year (I got bored with our apartments very easily) I would always have a few boxes still packed up sitting in a corner somewhere.

Now that we have a beautiful baby girl , I feel the maddening desire to have everything organized! If you follow me a Pinterest (and if you don't you really need to) I've got two boards dedicated to cleaning and home organization. I dream of color coded binders , Google apps perfectly synced on my phone and computer so I'll never miss an appointment again, and every drawer, nook, and cranny of my house so perfectly organized that Martha Stewart herself would fall to her knees and cry. Well sadly that won't happen with boxes of books and art supplies sitting in my living room. So I've dedicated this weekend to cleaning and completing/starting my DIY projects! (Lucky you!)

So be on the look out lovies for my next DIY post. I hope that you all have a great weekend!!