Monday, November 25, 2013

Weekend Pinterest Round up! Centerpiece Edition

So tomorrow I will finally have a DIY for your viewing pleasure! (Being a blogger is hard work!) Until that glorious day, I've got some more pinterest projects for your enjoyment. Last Pinterest round up was about Thanksgiving decorations and crafts, this week we are going to focus in on the center piece of the table.

1. This is a great tutorial that talks about how to make grocery store flowers look great!
via Apartment Therapy

2. Here are 7 different centerpiece ideas that you can make yourself. Links to full instructions are listed on the website.

3. If you are feeling ambitious and have the time then this DIY pallet centerpiece is very chic and rustic.

via The Idea

4. Or if you have some craft paper (or an old book you don't care about) laying around then you can make this nice pumpkin center piece.

5. Finally another 5 tutorials for your Thanksgiving holiday celebration. These won't break and can probably be made with things around the house.

Well that's all for today my Lovelies. Please stay tuned tomorrow for  my latest DIY project !