Monday, January 6, 2014

January Cure: Day 1

Yesterday was the first day of Apartment Therapy's The January Cure (let's just call it the cure from now on , shall we?). I was super excited all yesterday during work and when I got home I sort of fizzled for a while. Let me explain, the first assignment for the cure was to walk around the house and write a list of all problem areas and what needed to be done. I live in a Row Home (duh) and I have 3 levels of living space to traverse.  So when I got home all of the steps were mocking me.

The actual staircase in my house. Viewed
from the 3rd floor. Weep for me.
Never the less I had made a promise to myself and you, oh dear reader, to take on this project and I shall see it through to the end! Well as I stated before I started from the very front of the house and made my way up each flight of steps to each living space. Part of me wants to just post the list, but I thought it would be better to just hit on a few key projects that I plan to actually undertake. Here are the highlights:

-Install wainscoting
-Replace globe light

-install backsplash
-put up spice racks
-create a Coffee Corner
-create a chalkboard wall

Landing into Basement:
-measure for pegboard and install
-plan out storage for tools, cleaning supplies,
and other items

Blinds through out house:
-make all blinds into roman shades and replace
Living room blinds with Bamboo blinds

-Sell couch
-hang new pictures
-install more shelving for toys
-fix light fixture and hang in room

So there are the highlights. I've got a much longer list then this (I will be posting a picture of the list in my next post). This should be a very interesting journey.